About Us


The Realife Equine Service Group provides exceptional, clinically based, custom experiential equine immersion programs for individuals, groups, custom family programs, staff and team trainings and professional development workshops.

Senior Clinical Strategist, Jane Eigner Mintz MA, LPC, BCPC, CAI and Equine Services Group Director, Cheyenne Price and their staff have developed a cutting edge, clinically based program that combines a natural horsemanship hands-on orientation, round pen work with out-of the-box therapeutically based equine learning experiences. Jane and Cheyenne are both EAGALA Level II certified providers. They actively mentor and train other equine specialists.

The conduct their programs in Chatsworth and Malibu, California with their herd of 13 rescued horses.

Who We Serve

  • Drug and Alcohol and Behavioral Health Clients
  • Residential Treatment Centers (Drug and Alcohol, Eating Disorder and Psychiatric Populations)
  • Extended Care Treatment Centers
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Family Programs
  • Vetrans Programs
  • Individual Sessions
  • Staff Development and Team Building
  • Professional Workshops
  • The Field Model of Intervention Workshops


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